625452_579270225418958_1082935702_nI was born with a song in my heart and a quest, which I believe was given by God himself – explore the world, find beauty, help others, and be creative. This bleeds into every area of my life, with surprisingly unplanned and fun results.

I love to read and write. I love painting and visual arts. I love music, my main passion in life. I am addicted to decaf coffee, as ironic as that may be. I can often be found staring at stars, clouds, trees, birds, or colorful things. I enjoy being surrounded by nature. I name inanimate objects. I love finding “cute things,” – things that are miniature and childish. I like walking around places I’ve never been and finding myself by getting lost and I love to travel.

I grew up in a small sub-suburb of Pittsburgh surrounded by my wonderful family, who has always encouraged me to find the music and art around me and give it life. This fall, I’ll have spent twenty-two great years on Earth. In college especially, I’ve made some great friends who have also helped me to become who I am. I have a hunger for knowledge, a desire to learn all I can, be the best Child of God possible, and live life to the very limits.

I’m here to share my thoughts, music, art, and blessings with you, to praise Jesus Christ, and to enjoy all of His Creation. ♥


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