spring playlist


It’s spring. If you live anywhere near me, you’re probably calling me a liar, but no matter – it is spring. Despite the fact that my professor stopped class last week because it was snowing, I think it’s safe to say we’re in the clear now and good weather is here to stay (sort of). But just in case – here’s a little bit of spring you can leave in your pocket and pull out to ward off the mood swings of nature. Studies have shown it works at least 80% of the time!* Even better, though, these songs range from upbeat to sunny to fun and they’ll re-energize you when you’re feeling dreary, too.

(*no such studies have even been attempted. But who cares about statistics?)

Shark Attack by Grouplove

Why not start out with a high-energy, crowd-chant anthem? Do the words make any sense? Of course not. Half the time I’m not even sure what they’re saying. But the combination of light electronics and a fast pace means it doesn’t matter. This song is upbeat and incredibly fun to break down and dance to with your friends. With this song, spring can come out swinging.

Out of My League by Fitz and the Tantrums

If I was going to describe this song in one word, I think it’d be “bouncy.” This song is not very heavy, but I certainly wouldn’t call it quiet either. The bits and pieces of this song wouldn’t seem like they’d go together, but somehow the almost doo-wop background vocals make sense with the synthesizers, bright piano, and upbeat drumming flow into a song that’s interesting to listen to.

Magic by Coldplay

To all the Coldplay fans who think they’ve sold out – they have, but this song is actually pretty solid. It starts out a bit too much like a pop song, but around the middle of the song, classic Coldplay sound emerges and you realize that their sound isn’t completely gone. Chris Martin’s soft vocals against the pop sound that comes from the kit and the bass reflects the song well. His vocals are sad and resigned in the midst of happiness, much like hope sometimes seems thin but is still present or the weather seems threatening but you know good weather is coming. Which is perfect for this time of year.

Work It Out by Knox Hamilton 

Keeping the “hopeful” vibe alive, this song is the epitome of hopeful optimism right now. Electronics, solid drumming, and roaring guitars are the base of this song, highlighted by whistling (always a plus) and a cute marimba melody. For some reason, this song sounds to me like The Killers and Youngblood Hawke had a baby and that baby’s godparent was Vampire Weekend. In any case, it’s an infectiously happy song sure to brighten your day, and it flows perfectly into…

Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub

I still can’t get over how well this song fits after the last. They’re in the same key and have a markedly different yet eerily similar instrumentation. It features the jazz guitar and backing synths that Knox Hamilton had going for them. It features tribal sounding percussion, which we all knew at least one song on my list would feature. Then towards the end, it lightens just a bit with a repeated phrase that makes everyone want to sing along. So, sing along.

Cardiac Arrest by Bad Suns

I fell in love with this song about two months ago and haven’t been able to stop listening to it since. It’s a more straightforward, guitar-driven band with classic instrumentation; the guitar licks are the star of this song and it’s pretty consistent throughout. The vocals are interesting and simple, though, and the song seems to almost pause every so often which makes you anticipate the song – and that makes you want to listen even more.

Bridges by Broods

This song is an entirely synthesized alternative pop song that packs a punch when the beat drops in the chorus. It’s not an optimistic love song. It’s not a song of joy at a new day. But it reminds me of spring because it’s a time of transition – sometimes you’re in a completely new place when the world finally thaws, sometimes your burning all the old to make way for the new. And it’s also incredibly catchy.

Coming of Age by Foster the People

I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for quite a long time for new music from Foster the People. Now that I finally have it I am overjoyed – it has all of the same electrona and strange vocals of the previous album, but with a little more bite to it. This song is just right for graduation season, or even just the end of another school year, because it reminds you that sometimes things change and you have to learn to accept that. Despite the sober truth in the song, it’s still a fun, upbeat song that you can dance to and scream out your window on a road trip – which is pretty much what I’ve come to expect from Foster the People.

Sight of the Sun by Fun. 

Another band who has kept me waiting for new music. The sound is very similar to their previous work – light and well, fun, with lots of piano, folky guitar, and the beautiful vocals of Nate Ruess. The song talks about being glad for your life and rejoicing at the sight of the sun, using a narrative that I haven’t quite sorted out. But by now, I think we’re all rejoicing at the sight of the sun, don’t you?

Bonus songs: “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors, “Buzzcut Season” by Lorde, and “The Color Green” by Rich Mullins. ♥


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